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Whether you need a $500 thousand line or a $30 million line, we can establish an advance rate through underwriting based on the quality of your receivables. We only require an Accounts Receivable Aging Report to begin the process. This is less intrusive compared to other financing options you may find in the market.

asset based Lines Of Credit

A/R Financing

  • No Debt to Repay
  • Unlimited Funding Potential
  • Fast Approval
  • Approval Based on Customer Credit
  • Startups are Eligible

Bank Loans

  • Principal & Interest Repaid Over Time
  • Funding Potential is Capped by Banks
  • Slower Approval Times
  • Approval Based on Your Company’s Operational and Credit History
  • Difficult for Startups to Obtain Bank Funding

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As businesses grow, they often find themselves needing additional financing for expansion, payroll, or to cover other expenses. Sometimes, corporations are financially strong enough to obtain a bank loan as a means of increasing credit. Less traditional methods are needed for some and bank loans just don’t make sense especially for business owners looking to obtain funding as-needed or don’t want to add more debt to their balance sheet.

Accounts receivable financing is a solution that helps companies stabilize their cash flow by unlocking cash sitting in unpaid receivables. This process involves treating invoices as collateral, which is then sold to the finance company. Your company receives cash in advance for each invoice sold.

Bank financing is a great option for many business owners, but the lending market remains tight. If you’re lucky enough to be approved, the loan amount may not be enough to meet your financial requirements. Plus, you’ll have the debt to repay.