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Our commercial equipment financing program is set-up to be a seamless and fast process for the applicant.  We know that if you have reached this point you are serious about getting your equipment into place.  We are likewise serious about meeting your objective in a timely way and to explain the process along the way.  Our principals have extensive experience with financing production, testing, and office, mobile and other forms of business equipment.  Online application option Capital Equipment Leasing Application.

LakeView Leasing adds value to our leasing business by being diverse.  We don't just look at how we can help your equipment needs but we take a look at the whole picture.  Trying to find ways to save companies money is one of our goals when working with clients.  We take into consideration the economic times and work hard for you to get the deals done.  We are continuously improving our strategy to attack deals efficiently as possible and gain approvals.

Major Source of Financing:

Leasing is a major source of financing from Fortune 500 companies to Small Businesses.  Surveys indicate that business's are leasing apparently 80% of their equipment.  Leasing can be structured as Off Balance Sheet financing meaning that the capital can be used for other business purposes.  Almost any type of equipment and related software can be leased.  The range of finance we are able to facilitate is from as low as $5,000 to $25,000,000.

Credit Profile:
  • Gross Sales = $1MM+
  • Investment Grade
  • Rated Corporations: BBB and Baa+

Product Types:
  • FMV - TRAC - Capital - Tax Exempt
  • Single Investor and Leveraged Leases
  • Individual Transaction or Portfolios
  • Terms from 3-10 Years

Equipment Types:
  • Rail
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction/Earth-Moving
  • IT/Medical
  • Material HAndling

Equipment Expertise | Comprehensive Re-marketing Infrastructure | Competitive Residuals and Rates | Large Credit Exposure Availability
Privately Held – Streamline Credit | Covenant-Free Financing & Moderate Cross Default and Tax Indemnities
Satisfy GAAP/IFRS Compliance Standards for OBS Treatment | Won’t Cannibalize Lessee’s Bank Line of Credit

Commercial Equipment Financing

Transaction Size:
  • Single Take-Down 
    • up to $25MM
  • Credit Appetite
    • $2MM - $75MM
  • Minimum LOC Commitment
    • $2MM
  • Minimum Takedown
    • $100,000

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LakeView Leasing

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